• Wellbeing for all when managing virtual teams

    Wellbeing for all when managing virtual teams. You and each of your team members have different wellbeing needs.

  • Client Assets

    Forms a cornerstone of trust in the financial industry. The last financial crisis saw a number of banks fail, notably…

  • Vulnerable Customers

    Regulation on vulnerable customers acknowledges that, while all customers should be treated fairly, not all customers are the same.

  • Treating Customers Fairly

    The FCA states that “all firms must be able to show consistently that fair treatment of customers is at the…

  • Conflicts of Interest

    Conflicts of Interest are not uncommon in an ever-more connected world.

  • Whistleblowing

    Since the financial crisis whistleblowing has become front-page news on topics such as data security and treating customers fairly.

  • GDPR Training

    Data has become increasingly valuable (and varied) to most organisations over the last 20 years, and the new EU-wide legislation…

  • Anti-Fraud Awareness

    Our anti-fraud course awareness, developed for the higher education sector.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    This financial e-learning course is designed to improve learners' understanding and awareness of money laundering, and the risks of committing…

  • Bribery Act 2010 – Updated

    Our Bribery Act e-learning training course emerged from a close collaboration with international legal practice SNR Denton.

  • Modern Slavery Act

    This Modern Slavery Act course was designed in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University.

  • Information Security

    This 20-minute resource on Information Security will enable learners to explain why this is such an important area, how the…

  • Risk Management

    Some might say that we live in a world of risk. But we can minimise the impact that risk has…

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