Tutor Led Supplement Diversity

A Bonus to Diversity in the Workplace
A Bonus to Diversity in the Workplace

This tutor-led supplement is an online or offline presentation.

A Bonus to Diversity in the Workplace
A Bonus to Diversity in the Workplace

This tutor-led supplement is an online or offline presentation.


This course is suitable for learners who don't usually have access to the internet or may benefit from a classroom environment.

The case studies and other scenarios included in this course have a strong customer service theme.

Our Tutor-led Supplement to Diversity comes with Train the Trainer notes, providing you with the preparatory notes that you need to run a classroom session with learners.

Blended learning

Marshall E-Learning has its own consultancy team who can deliver training and consultancy in person. Many clients use our e-learning to deliver information before a workshop which supports far more productive sessions. As we regularly update our e-learning modules, the online resource keeps participants updated long after the consultancy ends.

We’ve worked in diversity and inclusion since 2002 so we can advise you on the best facilitators or consultants to work with on any given project and our daily rates are favourable.

Always up-to-date

If you buy any of our diversity e-learning courses you’ll get all the updates we make, so you’ll always be up-to-date with current legislation.

Learning by design

All of our e-learning courses are highly interactive with rich graphics and audio-visual content, blending a variety of question types to encourage learners to apply concepts to their daily work routine.

Easy to implement & customise

This online learning course comes with Marshall LMS (Learning Management System), which allows you to manage your e-learning and track completed training.

Our in-house developers can quickly & effectively adapt this course to your sector and organisation. You could also add your own graphics, photos & video and amend content to include your policies, procedures, and key areas.

Learn more

If you would like to find out more about our tutor-led supplement on Diversity or our other training courses please call +44 (0)845 123 3909 or get in touch using our contact form.


This course is split into 4 parts:

Part 1

Case studies

Part 2

Other scenarios with a strong customer service theme.

Part 3

Train the Trainer notes – preparatory notes to help you run a classroom session with learners.

Part 4

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What You Say

"A real champion of the sector, Davids continued dedication to excellence in Diversity & Equality clearly shows through when speaking to people who have taken one of his training courses. His reputation continues to grow in the sector as more and more companies and leaders hear about his work. Its been a pleasure when I've had the opportunity to work alongside him and I look forward to David continuing to learn, grow and give back to the Diversity & Equality community as he progresses."

Dan Robertson Diversity & Inclusion Director Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion

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