Marshall E-Learning was founded in 2002 by David Marshall, Head of Research at Penna PLC and a network of Penna Consultants. The first course developed by the newly formed firm was titled “Diversity in the Workplace”, where working with our friends at ACAS we developed a web based diversity training course.

David founded the firm believing there was a gap in the market for digital learning by a team who would combine in-house knowledge on the topics as well as the technological expertise. This skillset means clients stay with Marshalls for many years as we carefully keep our work updated. It means clients can share a challenge with us, which is difficult and nuanced, and we can help them develop a script with them.

That course and variations of it have kept Marshalls busy every since. Now 17 years later we have trained over two million people in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Holland, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Spain and France.

Based in Bankside, London SE1, Marshall E-Learning have a team of developers, illustrators, graphic designers, writers all supporting that core team who founded the firm back in 2002.


Update from David Marshall, Marshall E-Learning 2019

Dear Customer,

2019 has been a fantastic but challenging year for Marshall E-learning. We have invested heavily in creating a new suite of resources on:

  • Regulated e-learning
  • Mental health and wellbeing

We expanded our work in the United States and I was delighted we were commissioned for our first projects in Canada and New Zealand.

Our translation service has meant our work is now used as far afield as Vietnam, Thailand and China and investing in our capacity to deliver global projects is key to our growth.

Nearer to home I was personally absolutely delighted that we were awarded the commission to develop a suite of diversity and inclusion courses for every single university in Ireland.

Finally due to increasing budget restrictions, clients have approached us looking for a budget subscription service that we will update in line with any legislation changes. We have developed this and we are trialling it with our first pool of clients.

Thank you for reading this and if you want to have a chat about how we can help via digital learning or via our consultancy team please do get in touch.


Any Marshall course can be translated into any language you need. We can localise content for your setting: We work across the globe and have a network of consultants who help us support our international clients. Our latest international course is identifying student mental health conditions for universities – you can watch a preview here:…

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Marshall E-Learning started with a first project with ACAS, and have continued to partner with different organisations to produce the best content. We have a strong record in developing revenue generating opportunities for our partners – if you have expertise in an area it could be possible we could collaborate with you. Barnardo’s Barnardo’s and…

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Our work in Ireland is very important to us and we look forward to opening our new Dublin office in 2020. We warrant that any course we have in our library can be customised for a context which is culturally and legally relevant to the Republic of Ireland. Clients: Bank of Ireland Dublin City University…

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Since Marshall ACM started in 2002 a strong core value has been to make a difference, both to our clients and to the wider community. This approach has shaped our working practices for many years, guiding our specialisation in the diversity, equality and inclusion agenda and how we work with our clients and communities both…

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Marshall E-Learning was founded in 2002 as a special elearning provider in diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Our unconscious bias e-learning was developed with University of Oxford and has now been taken up by organisations all over the world. Since then we have developed over 50 courses and many organisations take  all our courses as…

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When clients hear us talk about our ‘development team’ they often imagine a group of developers. However the majority of our resources are in content generation, research and writing. When clients work on a new project with us, our core discipline is instructional design. Only when we have developed a well-written and well-researched script do…

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