Marshall E-Learning was founded in 2002 as a special elearning provider in diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Our unconscious bias e-learning was developed with University of Oxford and has now been taken up by organisations all over the world.

Since then we have developed over 50 courses and many organisations takeĀ  all our courses as a subscription service for one affordable annual fee.

We also have a learning management system and assist clients with their entire e-learning infrastructure.

Our ethos

We are particularly strong in the areas of diversity, mental health and environmental e-learning.

We are independently owned, with no external owner pushing us towards any particular commercial model. As such we are known amongst our clients for having a genuine commitment to our areas of expertise, and having very friendly, efficient customer service.

With Marshall E-Learning we avoid consultancy speak, hidden charges and that is why many of our clients have stayed with us for longer than ten years.

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